Q&A with Rosa & Zehra

Rosa and Zehra are two sisters, living together with strong family ties - something we value perhaps now more than ever.


1. What’s the best part about your sister?
We actually have a pretty simular humor, so, her sense of humor!
Z: Her great sense of humor!

2. What do you do together when staying in?
Watching movies, listening to music, making jokes. We’re just chilling but having fun at the same time.
Z: We watch horrormovies and eat chocolate in bed. 

3. How are you different from each other?
My sister is more shy whereas I am very open. In addition, she is older than me, which can also be felt in relation to taking responsibility etc.
Z: My sister is very open and outgoing, something I have always admired about her, being quite quiet and shy myself. 

I LOVE her curly hair


4. What are your similarities?

R: We both like music and movies, and we also have the same guilty pleasure: reality tv.
Z: We both love old school music and movies. 

5. How do you support each other?
R: We’re listening to each other and giving the other a hug occasionally.
Z: We support each other simply by listening, and having an understanding for the others situation. 

6. What do you admire of your sisters style?
R: I’ve always admired my sister for her feminime and elegant style.
Z: I love my sisters’ boy’ish style, and how she can make a big sweatshirt and a pair of jeans look chic and stylish. And then I LOVE her curly hair! 


Sing and dance around


Listening to loud music


7. What’s your comfy go to piece?
Some dickies with a short top
Z: A big hoodie i can cuddle up in. 

8. What do you do when having fun at home?
R: Making fun with each other, listening to loud music. And after we moved together, there’s a lot of plant talk involved in our relationship also.
Z: We turn the music up at its highest, and sing and dance around in the kitchen.