Compliance and due diligence are the building blocks of the foundation on which sustainability is built. It is a continuous effort that requires surveillance, analysis and inquiries. It is also work that we enjoy doing as it gives us a greater insight into our supply chain and helps us grow even closer relationships with suppliers.

As a part of the MESSAGE A/S organisation, we work hard to strengthen this foundation.

You can only fix what you know. So, every year we do a thorough mapping of our suppliers and materials. This is to know where our products are made and the amounts of materials, we use each year. 

All our suppliers have either completed a social audit by a professional independent third-party auditor or filled out a self-assessment questionnaire with pictures for visual proof.

We are in the process of mapping out even further into our supply chain so we will know our direct suppliers’ subcontractors. 

Code of Conduct and Policies
Our suppliers are our closest partners in our work to become a more responsible business. We can’t do it without them. Therefore, we require all our suppliers to read and sign our Code of Conduct and policies. These documents are a direct expression of our values and priorities, and by signing them our suppliers show that they share our ambitions and approach to CSR.

Code of Conduct
Our code of conduct is based on the International Labour Organisation’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It contains aspects concerning the environment, animal rights, corruption and whistleblowing. All of which we expect our suppliers to respect with regards to current legislation.

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mbyM Responsibility | Compliance
mbyM Responsibility | Compliance


Child Labour
Child Labour is not allowed anywhere in our supply chain. Our child labour policy clearly states the definitions of a child and young worker. It also describes the action which should be taken in the case that a child is found at any of our suppliers’ factories. In such case any measure taken should improve, not worsen the child’s situation.

Click to read our Child Labour Policy here.

We are committed to adhere to the UN Convention Against Corruption. Corruption is not always about money, it can also be preferential treatment, extra service to gain an advantage, and other situations. Our employees and partners must avoid any situations of corruption.

Click to read our Anti-Corruption Policy here.
Animal Welfare
We do not allow animals to be harmed in the name of fashion.
Animals used for our products must not be exposed to pain but treated with dignity and respect according to animal welfare laws and international recommendations.  

We require our suppliers to work with us to increase traceability in our supply chain in order to decrease the distance to animal farms.

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Ethical Sourcing Requirements
It is part of our company values that we do business with a high sense of moral and ethics. It is important to us that no people or animals are harmed during the production of our goods. Be it at the cottonfield, the stitching factory or in our warehouse. Therefore, we ask all our direct suppliers to commit to our Ethical Sourcing Requirements.

The document is updated regularly when/if we become aware of more supply chain issues that needs to be banned, or where compliance should be ensured.

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Chemical Requirements
It is of the utmost importance to us that our products are safe for those who make and wear them.

We and our suppliers act according to REACH. REACH is the EU regulation addressing production and use of chemical substances. It states the approved level of certain chemicals as well as the substances which are completely banned because they pose a threat to human health or the environment.

By signing our Chemical Policy, our suppliers commit to REACH and take responsibility for any corrections, if a test shows that a product contains prohibited substances or have levels higher than allowed.

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Human Rights Policy:

This policy serves as a guidance for us and our decision-making when integrating human rights due diligence into our business. First and foremost, we have a responsibility to respect the human rights of all individuals along the value chain. According to this, we strive to ensure that the rights of rights holders within our three, in the policy, defined priority areas are being both promoted and complied with.


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Environmental Policy:

In this environmental policy we specifically demonstrate our commitment to protecting the environment by keeping our environmental impact at a minimum throughout the value chain. The largest impact of our business comes from our product purchases, usage and disposal. Therefore, we are taking a precautionary approach to all operations applied in the making of our products and expect our suppliers to do the same for their respective activities.


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Testing programme
We have implemented a strategic routine for chemical testing which helps ensure that all our main suppliers are tested regularly throughout the year and that all other suppliers are tested at least once a year.