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Complete your look
You've got the fresh wardrobe, now don't forget the details. Come rain or shine, you can always give your outfit an extra dimension with mbyM accessories. With the right accessories, you can easily change the appearance of your look. No wardrobe is complete without the right amount of accessories to totally steal the show.

If it’s cold outside, a soft and comfy wool scarf from mbyM is a great addition to your winter coat. Add some elegant gloves and you are good to go. 
A scarf is not only practical, when the weather is freezing. Paired with a leather jacket, the scarf keeps you warm in those in-between seasons, when the weather changes from sweater weather in the morning to heat strokes in the evening.

The practical touch
Practical accessories do not have to be boring and tedious. mbyM’s belts prove that by uniting the practicality with fashion and gorgeous materials. Emphasize your waist by adding a belt with a cool metal buckle to your oversize dress.

Buckle up, because this season’s collection of belts have hit. And what better way to complete your look than with a belt to pull you in at the waist?