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Jumpsuits - your new favorite item
The jumpsuit is a must-have in any wardrobe, as it is a simple and good alternative to those who do not like dresses. At mbyM you will find a selection of jumpsuits and playsuits for all styles. The jumpsuit can easily complete your look for either everyday or for parties. 
We have jumpsuits and playsuits in all shades: from long-sleeved to short-sleeved, off-shoulder, open backs or straps.

Great materials
Our jumpsuits are made of materials that make them comfortable for you to wear. Especially our playsuits made in the softest jersey material are a sure winner. You can easily style our playsuits both for summer and winter. Especially for the cool days, a pair of tights under your playsuit can make wonders. Playsuits are often included in our summer collections.
Great models with many applications
A jumpsuit is a good choice, if you want to upgrade your wardrobe with styles that are perfect both for everyday and for a evening out.
Our jumpsuits and playsuits are available in many different designs. Fine blonde details, beautiful neck cuts like v-neck or open back and delicate stripes are just some of the details that can make a jumpsuit perfect and gorgeous. If you want to be bold and try out a new color or a new print, match your jumpsuit with a leather jacket and a pair of cool sneakers. Similarly, you can upgrade your outfit for festive occasions with a blazer and a pair of high heels.
If you want a jumpsuit with a sporty look, Miras jumpsuit is one of our favorites. The jumpsuit has a stripe down the sides, which gives it a casual and sporty look. The jumpsuit is also feminine with shimmer in the fabric, which gives a good contrast to the sporty look.

Explore our selection of jumpsuits for everyday or for parties – we are sure, you will find the perfect match!