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Jackets by mbyM are functionality with attitude

There is no doubt that a great jacket is a must-have in any wardrobe. A jacket should not only be practical – that would be boring – but fashionably as well! And, of course, of high quality. mbyM jackets are not just jackets - they're attitude. At mbyM we live for fashion and fashionable outerwear that both keep you warm and offers you some cool, Scandinavian design


We love smart jackets ...

Therefore, we in each collection offer a wide range of new styles suitable for the season and the current fashion trends. And of course, our jackets always carried with sleek lines and edgy details that combines the raw with the feminine - as usual.


Tip! Wear a leather jacket all year round

A leather jacket is our all-time favourite at mbyM. First the fabric is so exclusive that it will last forever as long as you give the jacket the proper care. Second, a leather jacket highlights the female silhouette perfectly while providing a touch of rawness and attitude. And third, it’s suitable all year around. A leather jacket is the perfect transition jacket in spring and autumn. In the winter season it is perfect with a chunky knit or a cute dress.


Denim jackets and blazers everyday

We are just as crazy about denim jackets. They have quite the same styling possibilities as leather jackets, but their expressions are just more casual. Or how about using a stylish blazer as a jacket that gives you a nice figure, and at the same time, an extravagant look?


Practical jackets for all seasons

We love to create practical jackets for rain and winter – and make them suit every fashionista. It’s all about finding your favourite jacket for each season – as commonly known, by our men at least, jackets can often be used year after year. What do you need? A raincoat? A summer jacket? A winter jacket? Or maybe a warm wool coat? At mbyM you will find jackets with the right combination of exclusive fabrics and high fashion for any season.