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Hanja – a soft transitional jacket
mbyM has created a series of coats, where you always can find trendy transitional jackets in a classic, yet versatile design – which also can be used indoors. The series is called Henja Helin. And we are quite proud of it.


The design of Hanja Helin Coat
The Hanja Helin coat is in a soft ribbed quality with a comfortable loose fit. The length is midi and the coat is closed by a zipper. There’s two front pockets with zippers. The quality is consistent, creating a simple design with some edgy details. The Hanja Helin coat is made in neutral colours, such as black and navy, but also in seasonal colours, such as light pastel colours. This makes it perfect for both spring and late summer. 


The trendy coat
We’ve created the Hanja Helin coat based on knowledge of styles that always work in fashion. We know how a simple and classic transitional jacket should look, and you won’t be disappointed with the Hanja Helin jacket. The jacket creates a simple look, combining the raw and casual with the feminine.


Looking for a different design?
Perhaps Hanja Helin isn’t you. Perhaps you are out for a transitional jacket or coat with more edge or a sharper cut. mbyM creates different styles, as women are different – and have different taste. That’s why you can find a jacket or coat more you by looking at all our outerwear.