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Mika Mavis – A classic wool coat
Every woman needs a classic, warm wool coat that never goes out of style. That’s why we have created the Mika series, consisting of gorgeous wool coats in a simple and versatile look.
Mika Mavis design
The Mika Mavis coat has a midi length to right about the thighs. It has practical discrete pockets and is closed by an asymmetrical zipper in the left side. Moreover, it has a waist belt, which creates a feminine silhouette and highlights the woman figure. 
Style with a trendy scarf
The Mika Mavis is characterized by a collar that can be zipped all the way up on cold days. The collar can be styled both closed all the way up or open, giving it a more raw and edgy look. We recommend a classic scarf as accessory and to keep you warm on the freezing days.
Wool – a winter must-have
Mika Mavis is a perfect winter coat, as the wool, it is made of, is warm, durable, versatile and very elegant. The jacket is made of 50% polyester and 50% recycled wool, while the lining is 100% polyester. Recycled wool is waste fibers from other wool yarns, which are spun together with the polyester and re-colored to a combined yarn within the fabric. The other half of the yarn is made of polyester, which has the ability to make the fabric more solid and almost eliminate pilling and curls. Wool has the insulating ability that makes it suitable for outerwear in autumn/winter. 
The coat is a true bestseller, created by our knowledge of winter coats and the shifting fashion trends. It comes in classic colours, such as grey and black, which is always a fall-safe choice. It is also made in the seasonal colours and trends. All in all, the Mika Mavis Coat is always trendy. That’s why we are proud of the series.
Looking for another design?
Even though Mika Mavis is classic and stylish, you may be out for something different. At mbyM we take proud in designing various styles for different women, but still true to our urban Scandinavian style. You can take a look at all our winter coats here – we are sure, you will find something you like.