Finding the perfect winter coat

There is nothing better than having the cozy feeling of a warm winter coat surrounding you on a cold and blustery day. But with so many options out there, which one should you choose? One, that is practical, but still makes you feel gorgeous?


You can read about our most popular qualities and series of jackets right here, giving you an insight of the practical, yet stylish, jackets from mbyM.

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Mavis – A classic wool coat
Every woman needs a classic, warm wool coat that never goes out of style. That is why we have created the Mika series, consisting of gorgeous wool coats in a simple and versatile look.

The Mavis quality is made of 50% polyester and 50% recycled wool, while the lining is 100% polyester. Recycled wool is waste fibers from other wool yarns are spun together with the polyester and re-colored to a combined yarn within the fabric. The other half of the yarn is made of polyester, which has the ability to make the fabric more solid and almost eliminate pilling and curls. Wool has the insulating ability that makes it suitable for outerwear in autumn/winter. 

The Mavis quality is a repeat in mbyMs jacket collections and comes in various styles and colours in each winter/autumn collection.
Mika Mavis design
One of the most popular Mavis styles is the Mika Mavis coat. This coat has a midi length to right about the thighs. It has practical discrete pockets and is closed by an asymmetrical zipper in the left side. Moreover, it has a waist belt, which creates a feminine silhouette and highlights the woman figure. 
Style with a trendy scarf
The Mika Mavis is characterized by a collar that can be zipped all the way up on cold days. The collar can be styled both closed all the way up or open, giving it a more raw and edgy look. We recommend a classic scarf as accessory and to keep you warm on the freezing days.
Wool – a winter must-have
Mika Mavis is a perfect winter coat, as the wool, it is made of, is warm, durable, versatile and very elegant. The jacket is a true bestseller, created by our knowledge of winter coats and the shifting fashion trends. It comes in classic colours, such as grey and black, which is always a fall-safe choice. It is also made in the seasonal colours and trends. All in all, the Mika Mavis Coat is always trendy. That’s why we are proud of the series.


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Why Rescue?

Rescue - A quality jacket 
The mbyM quality, Rescue, consists of polyester and cotton. The outer fabric of the Rescue jackets is made of cotton and polyester, whereas the bigger part is cotton. These fibers make the fabric extremely durable for autumn and winter. Furthermore, the surface treatment of the Rescue jackets makes the jackets water resistant - but not waterproof. 

Rescue jackets 
Rachel, Reboot and Reid are the most common styles in the Rescue quality from mbyM. The jackets have a nice fit, which makes them comfortable to wear. 
Rachel and Reboot has down filling, where the Reid jacket has a polyester filling. All jackets have a hood, where the Rachel jacket has a hood with fake fur. There are strings in the jackets, so you can close the cap tightly.
Rachel, Reboot and Reid are timeless in their designs and can be used season after season. The jackets are available in neutral colors, such as black and blue, but are also made in trendy colors. The Rescue quality is a repeat in the mbyM Jacket Collection and comes in various styles and colours each Autumn/Winter season.

Washing instructions 
Due to the thin filling it is important that Rachel and Reboot are tumble dried after washing - with tennis balls or other appropriate balls. It is recommended that you do not tumble dry the Reid jacket due the polyester filling in this jacket. In addition, the jackets should be washed at 30 degrees in a standard washing machine. 

Style your Rescue jacket 
All the Rescue jackets can be styled with a nice scarf and a pair of leather gloves those cold and windy days. With a Rescue jacket you are guaranteed a jacket that you can use season after season.

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Why Polar?

Polar quality
mbyMs Polar quality is a series of jackets, where the outer fabric consist of 100% Nylon. This is an extremely durable synthetic fiber, which neither curls nor shrinks in any significance. The fabric has a special coating on the inside, preventing the down filling from getting through the lining and outer fabric when washing.

Our popular style, Patience Polar, has a down filling between the lining and outer fabric. The filling consists of 90% down and 10% feather filling. Just like our Rescue quality, the filling makes it very fluffy and lightweight. Furthermore, the down filling is very heat insulating and keeps you warm to perfection. The surface is easy to dry off so it is also practical - please note, the jacket is not water resistant.

We recommend washing the jacket at 30 degrees in the washing machine. Remember to line the zippers before washing.

Polar – a repeat
With the Polar series, mbyM has designed a winter coat with a classic design and cut. Polar is a quality, which is a repeat in the mbyM outerwear collections. It comes in various models and colours each Autumn/Winter season.


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