mbyM creative studio is a collaborative concept where we intend to explore different kinds of art made by upcoming artists. We at mbyM feel very inspired by different kinds of art as it is often the offset for a new collection. Art is a way of expression – and so is designing clothes. There is a perfect alignment between both crafts – and we want to explore and showcase how art and clothes can work together and create unique pieces and artworks.


mbyM creative studio invites artists to use their creative minds to unfold new perspectives of their specific types of art by combining it with clothes. There are no rules. Just creativity. 


Our first collaboration at mbyM creative studio is with a Copenhagen based girl named Laura. Laura makes artworks made out of yarn – and has created a beautiful piece inspired by mbyM for Copenhagen Fashion Week. 

We had a chat with her about who’s she is, what she does and what’s next for her. 



Laura Bay Legaard, 22 years old



Where do you live?

Amager, Copenhagen



What do you do for a living?

I study psychology at the University of Copenhagen



What inspires you?

I spend a lot of time reading about and studying people, and the way they think, interact and feel, and I think this has an effect on my creative process - I’m very inspired by both my own and other people’s experiences and thoughts, and I try to incorporate this into my creative process as much as possible.



How would you describe your type of art?

I use yarn as my medium in a lot of my artwork to illustrate the contrast between this soft organic material and the contorted shapes and figures that it can create. I like to highlight the gap that exists between femininity and rawness, and how these qualities interact and define each other.



What inspired you to make this exact artwork?

This work honors the material in particular, and the process and possibilities that it brings. I think the main inspiration behind it was a contrast between a final product, and the work and building blocks required to get there.



What do you think mbyM as a brand and your type of art has in common?

I think there are a lot of feminine connotations when it comes to both clothing and the production of it. I play on femininity a lot in my artwork with my use of yarn, to hopefully challenge and play with the definition of femininity.



What about mbyM inspires you?

The focus on the feminine spirit, and the many ways that this can be expressed.



What’s next for you?

Right now I am working on creating a Copenhagen based art community called P.E.A with some amazing young artists. The goal of this is to establish a network of young people, who are able to help each other out in their creative processes. Our aim is to take art and make it a highly social thing, where community is one of the key ingredients in unfolding one’s creativity.