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mbyM loungwwear
Loungewear is a comfortable and convenient outfit, that is perfect for the days where you need to wear a relaxing set of clothes. This season, loungewear has been an absolutely popular outfit, and it’s perfect to jump in if you are on the go or have a study or a workday from home. You can never have too many comfortable and convenient clothes in your wardrobe, and that’s a fact – mbyM has a large selection of loungewear in several different fits and qualities, so there is a set of loungewear that fits perfectly, just for you.


Among mbyM’s selection of loungewear, you will find loungewear in basic colours such as gray, beige and black – these sets are easy to mix and match if you have several different sets of loungewear. But you can also match these sets of loungewear with other items from your wardrobe, it is only the imagination that sets the limits.


Loungewear in soft and comfortable qualities
The classic sweatset as we all know it, is no longer limited to only being used at home on the couch or for sports – now the sweatsuit has become a trendy outfit that you can wear for everyday and when you are on the go. The popular outfit fits most body types and is nice to wear all day due to the comfortable fit and most often soft quality, such as cotton, wool and modal. Loungewear is also available in several different fits, and at mbyM you will find a selection of loungewear in both loose fits and a tighter fit, so there is a loungewear that suits you, no matter which fit you are into.


Explore loungewear from mbyM
Explore mbyM’s large selection of loungewear online at, where you will find everything from leggings, hoodies, sweatsuits, training sets and much more. At you will find loungewear in several different colours and soft qualities that can be used for both school and a day at the home office. This season’s trend is loungewear, and with loungewear, you can easily mix and match with other colours and for example throw a blazer over a sweatshirt, put your sweatpants in a pair of chunky boots and put on a cap for a complete trendy look on a day where you are on the go. Buy your new set of loungewear online at – remember that you always get free shipping when you make a purchase for more than 70€ and we offer easy returns.