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mbyM coats - a nice and warm look
What is greater than to be covered up in a nice, warm coat when the winter arrives? Coats always highlight a woman's shape in an elegant way. At mbyM we love coats. They are trendy, practical, warm and perfectly adapted to a specific season.

The perfect fit
We always ensure that our coat has a perfect fit. It’s as simple as that. With sharp details such as ties, belts, well-placed buttons or draping, any mbyM-coat manages to get the best out of the woman carrying it. The coats’ cuts and colours are inspired by current trends and the Scandinavian nature. We only select the best materials. In this way, we combine functionality and thoughtful design with seasonal fashion.

Looking for a handy coat?
If you are looking for a practical coat that can withstand all kinds of weather, we recommend our winter coats and parkas. They are particularly good for winter while a raincoat is a must-have all year round - especially as a transitional and as a summer jacket. Raincoats at mbyM are not just rainwear. They are nice, stylish and keep you simultaneously dry.

Do you need a smart, fashionable coat?
A wool coat will unfortunately not keep you dry in the rain. On the other hand it keeps you smart, warm, soft and feminine. Especially for winter and autumn, it is great with a nice coat that you feel comfortable in. It gives your confidence a boost in the dark time. And then there's the classic trench coat. It’s an all-time favourite with its timeless cut that will always be fashionable. This thinner coat is ideal as a transitional coat.

Find the perfect coat
It is important to find the perfect coat. Outerwear must indeed be something you care about and which fits nice. As known you will wear a coat many days in a season and often also the season after. It is important to know what your needs are - we will help with the rest.