Christmas is all about giving and this year we are giving back to our customers, to our community and to charity! Every week for four weeks in December we will give back to multiple charity organizations and causes. 


Through our Christmas charity activities, we hope to make an impact and thank our mbyM community, friends of the brand and you as a consumer. We will devote our December to support girls and a better world. 




mbyM x Pink Power Organization & Sierra Leone

Clothes from our previous collections and samples, we don’t use anymore, have been sent to Sierra Leone to girls in need. Together with the Pink Power Organization, we will ensure the girls in Sierra Leone receive the clothes from previous mbyM collections.

The Brighter Horizons organization is also fighting for human rights for the most vulnerable girls and women in Sierra Leone with the Pink Power movement. This initiative aims to eliminate violence against girls and women. 


Stay tuned for next week...


mbyM Charity Sale

We have gathered clothes from our previous collections and samples we don’t use any more. These will be sold at a charity sale at our showroom.


The revenue from the charity sale will be donated to Red Cross’ Christmas help. This aims to help giving families in need a merry Christmas and to ensure a less wasteful impact of our clothes.


Stay tuned for next week…




mbyM for Pamoja

This year our Christmas donation on behalf of MESSAGE and our clients goes to the newly founded charity organization, Pamoja. Pamoja is an organization where girls meet to discuss and create a workbook that will be used as a discussion tool amongst girls all over the world. They discuss and create spreads regarding various topics that unite girls. 

By this donation we will be able to give girls in Kampala, who we supported in the Girls Support Girls campaign, girls in Sierra Leone who we supported with the mbyM Gives Back campaign and girls from other third world countries a Pamoja workbook.

The Pamoja organisation is also created to let girls know that they are not alone with their thoughts and uncertainties. This activity is also linked to our Girls Support Girls campaign with the message of a strong girl-support-community.
Stay tuned for next week…



mbyM for Refugee Children

Together with the youth department at Red Cross, our goal is to help refugee children by creating a social, creative and joyful activity with them.

With our CSR in mind, concerning sustainability and the environment, we have combined the creative activity by collecting our previous lookbooks and foamboards. Instead of throwing these out, they will be used as materials for collages, created by the refugee children. The activity aims to create a space for the children where they can stimulate their creativity.

These collages will be exhibited on our digital platforms and in our Showroom.

Thank you for your support!