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mbyM shirts for women
This season is all about patterns and print and at mbyM this trends is transferred to the brand’s many shirts. Shirts can be an everyday style, and they can be the preferred choice for a night out. mbyM focus on the fit and gives you the ability to choose between the oversize shirt, the bohemian one and the classic tight fitted one. Colorful prints and subtle patterns makes the shirt ideal for jeans and a classic leather jacket


Shirts can be an everyday style and at the same time be the preferred choice for an evening out with girlfriends. As the shirt is available in many different fits, cuts and colours, it makes itself incredibly versatile, which is why it is easy to style for most events. The shirt has turned into a unisex item, and can be found in many women’s wardrobes, and is thus no longer only a piece worn by men. The shirt is available today in a myriad of fits, colours and expressions, so you can find a shirt for any occasion. The classic shirt with collar, tailored fit and buttons down the front is ideal to use for more formal situations – and is especially a popular item of clothing to use at the workplace as well as important meetings where you need to look presentable. mbyM has a wide selection of classic shirts in feminine cuts and classic colours such as white, black and light blue.


The quality of mbyM shirts
In addition to mbyM’s selection of classic shirts, there are also shirts in fine prints, with puff sleeves, shirt dresses, oversized fits and in exclusive linen qualities – the choices are many if you browse through mbyM’s selection of shirts for women. mbyM wants to offer collections with products that reflect current trends and trends that suit the fashion-conscious woman. You will therefore typically be able to spot shirts in trendy colours and prints in all mvyM’s collections, precisely to be able to supply customers demand for fashionable shirts. Whether it’s stripes, dots, linen qualities or neon that trends, mbyM always finds a way to incorporate the trend in their collections, in a way where the shirts continue to appear feminine and in a nice quality. mbyM highly priorities the materials in which the collections are produced, which is why the quality of the mbyM styles are nice to wear and has a nice look.


How to style your mbyM shirt
The styling options are many with an mbyM shirt. A classic white shirt can be styled with a pair of suit trousers, a blazer or a skirt for a classic look. If you would like a raw and cool look, you can style a white shirt with a leather jacket and a pair of chunky boots. For a casual look, you can style your white shirt with a pair of jeans and sneakers. Furthermore, by styling your outfit with denim and sneakers, you will give your outfit a more toned down look, which will be able to fit perfectly with everyday life and for example a day at the office.