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mbyM vests for women – the hottest trend of the season
This season, the west is the biggest trend – and we understand why! Whether you use the knitted vest or the quilted vest, there are endless styling options – it is only your imagination that sets the limits of how you should use the vest.


At mbyM you will find the vest in several different designs and qualities, including the trendy knitted vest, but also the puffer vest and the vest inspired by the overshirt.


Different looks with different vests
The knitted vest is perfect to use over a t-shirt or a shirt, and match the outfit with either a skirt or a pair of jeans. You can dress your outfit up and down as needed - if you put on a classic white shirt under a knitted vest, you get a classic and elegant look. For a more casual look, you can use your knit vest over an oversized shirt or a maxi dress for a fashionable look – the vest is perfect for creating a layer-on-layer look, take the knit vest over a thin sweater and put on an oversized blazer for a complete look.


mbyM’s puffer vest can be used over a warm knit during autumn and winter, and is easy to use when you are on the go. The mbyM Sabreen puffer vest is available in black and brown, and has a feminine silhouette with a tie belt in the waist, pockets and a hoodie. The puffer vest is one of the biggest trends this autumn, so if you need to stand out in a fashion item, you should invest in the puffer vest from mbyM.


The Kasiani vest from mbyM is inspired by the popular and very fashionable overshirts. The vest is gray and has an oversized look with pockets on the chest. The Kasiani vest is extremely versatile and has a casual look, you can wear the vest over a t-shirt, a dress or a blouse both open and closed.


Complete your wardrobe with a knitted vest
The knitted vest is a big trend and is gradually becoming a regular part of every woman’s wardrobe. mbyM follow trends of the season and therefore, you will find a selection of both knitted vests, overshirt vests and puffer vests. Get a feminine look by combining a knitted vest with a skirt, or a more casual look by matching the vest with a pair of jeans and sneakers – the choice is yours. When you shop at mbyM, you get free shipping on purchases over 70€ and we have easy returns.