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mbyM - Unique Scandinavian design
mbyM is a Danish fashion brand with many years of experience in the production of fashionable clothes for women. The annual collection embraces femininity and elegance, and the fashionable clothes from mbyM can be used both for everyday and party - only your imagination sets the limit. mbyM has become a recognized player on the international fashion scene, and today mbyM is represented in more than 600 stores in Europe. The characteristics of mbyM collections are feminine prints and high quality materials, just like timeless classics always are available in the assortment. This is precisely why the fashionable women's clothes from mbyM have become so popular throughout Europe. Whether you want a feminine silhouette, a classic fashion item or a trendy fashion statement, mbyM is a sure winner. Discover the exciting range of fashionable women clothes mbyM on this page and be inspired by the many beautiful styles that inspire you to renew your wardrobe.
Feminine elegance
Embrace your feminine side with the fashionable mbyM collections - especially the beautiful dresses for women, the feminine blouses, trendy skirts or the gorgeous tops are preferable. With mbyM you can quickly add a sophisticated touch to your outfit, no matter if it is for everyday use or a special occasion. The range includes styles like mbyM dresses, mbyM tops, mbyM blouses, mbyM skirts, mbyM jackets and pants from mbyM. If you want an ultra feminine look, we recommend that you choose an mbyM dress in a beautiful print and with a nice cut. In addition, you can add your favourite accessories and thereby add your own personal touch to your mbyM look. For a feminine everyday look, you can style a beautiful mbyM blouse with a pair of classic pants and high heels. If you want a feminine and elegant party look, go for the feminine mbyM dress, red lips and killer heels – guaranteed a show stopper.
Classic, raw and minimalistic
mbyM works with high quality materials, and leather and suede is a regular part of the annual collection. An mbyM leather jacket can add a raw and edgy twist to your look, whatever it is for everyday and party. The range of leather jackets from mbyM spans wide and you will find a broad range of different models and leather jackets with different details and characteristics. The classic leather jacket in a simple design is necessary if you want a casual and cool look. The biker jacket, however, quickly creates a show stopper and the many raw details of the biker jacket adds a twist to both your everyday look and your party look. Are you neither leather nor suede, do not worry. mbyM delivers season after season the most beautiful coats such as trenchcoats and long wool coats. The outerwear can quickly take your look in the desired direction, and the range of mbyM outerwear offers something to suit everyone.
mbyM for everyday and party
The complete annual collection from mbyM offers everything from feminine summer tops to warm winter jackets - the collections also include fashionable clothes that can be used for everyday and party occasions. You can mix and match the various styles from mbyM, or mix it with clothes you already have in your wardrobe. That way, you have plenty of opportunities to use mbyM fashion clothes in a variety of occasions. The high qualities and strong designs ensure that the mbyM's clothing lasts for several seasons, which makes the fashionable mbyM clothes both popular and sought after.