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Women’s basic dresses
We all love a good and comfortable dress. Basic dresses are a wardrobe staple, easy to dress up or down, they’re super versatile. Available in a range of cuts, from fitted mini dresses to loose oversized styles, you can make a basic dress from mbyM work for every occasion. Whatever your style, a basic dress in a good quality from mbyM will feature in your wardrobe for years, changing with the seasons as much as the weather.

mbyM Gogreen basic dresses
mbyM has a permanent collection of basic styles which are constantly extended with new styles, cuts and colours. The collection is called mbyM Gogreen – because these basic tops, basic t-shirts and basic dresses are sustainable. To be more exact, the process from tree to fibers is Co2 neutral and executed with care for the environment.


The collection includes basic t-shirts, tank tops in various lengths, basic dresses and long-sleeved blouses. The basis styles have clean and modern cuts and come in plain colours, which easily can be paired with a pair of jeans, under a blazer or worn under a chunky knit.

mbyM Gogreen basic dresses include basic designs and fit. You can find the classic cuts, such as round necks and v-necks. Both loose and tight fits are represented, same as the qualities. You can find the usual sand washed jersey and the soft Rai-quality, which is a staple in the mbyM collections.

The versatile styles are favourites in the mbyM collections and will always be the fall-safe choice. Build a strong foundation with a strategic selection of basic long sleeved tops and dresses with mbyM Gogreen, which can be mixed and matched with almost everything in your closet. An updated basic wardrobe can avert the wardrobe crisis before it’s even occurred.  

Basic dresses for every occasion
The wide selection of mbyM basic dresses present many opportunities for your style. Choose the loose style, for example Litty, for a day of comfort. Finish with tights and sneakers for a cool everyday look. Match a tight fitted dress, for example Hanna, with stilettos, jewelry and red lipstick for a night out. The basic dresses are casual and comfortable in their designs, perfect for everyday wear. Whether you’re sporty chic, elegant or bold and cool, there’s an mbyM basic dress for you.