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Exclusive and trendy design
mbyM Nord is a very special line from mbyM aimed at the fashionable woman who does not want to compromise on either quality nor design. The design team behind mbyM Nord works dedicated with each style and every piece of clothing and every detail has been a great amount of attention. This is reflected in the sophisticated mbyM Nord collections, where design and quality go hand in hand. The fashionable women's clothes from mbyM Nord is spot on in relation to the biggest trends. mbyM Nord experiments with colours, prints and qualities, which means that with mbyM Nord you will always look amazing season after season .
Experimental prints and eye-catching colours
Main characteristics of the beautiful collections from mbyM Nord are the experimenting prints and colours, and through that you will always be able to create an extraordinary look with mbyM Nord. This means that the collections from mbyM Nord will involve selected fashion statements, all of which are unique in design and expression. The printed styles from mbyM Nord are designed to create an eye-catching look, whereas the different colourful styles can tone your look in exactly the direction you want, both in everyday and festive occasions. Just like mbyM Nord experiments with prints and colours, the collections are also characterized by materials of the highest quality. This applies to the whole collection, such as mbyM Nord tops, mbyM Nord dresses and mbyM Nord leather jackets and suede jackets. In that way, you are guaranteed fashion clothes that last for many seasons and do not lose neither shape nor expression as you use it.
Fashionable styles with Scandinavian roots
The collections from mbyM Nord are part of the mbyM main collections, which means that the mbyM Nord collections are launched several times a year. That way you can follow the hottest trends season after season, whether it is in the hot summer months or the cool winter months. The collections from mbyM Nord can include fashionable clothes such as tops, blouses, dresses, pants, skirts, blazers and jackets. However, the range of fashionable clothes from mbyM Nord will vary every season so that the collection reflects the season and its biggest trends. The Scandinavian roots shine through clearly, and the combination of the Scandinavian minimalistic lines and the extraordinary prints and colours gives the mbyM Nord fashionable clothing an exclusive and luxurious look. The fabric of mbyM Nord is produced in a limited number, which emphasizes the luxury of the mbyM Nord collections. Here you will find a wide range of quality fashion clothes from mbyM Nord, which can quickly inspire you to renew your wardrobe.