Vouchers and discounts
Vouchers issued by mbyM-shop.com are given as a percentage discount, free shipping or an amount discount. The voucher are entered in the check-out flow and automatically deducted from the total amount. It is only possible to use one voucher per order.
You can receive a voucher during various campaigns, for example by signing up to our newsletters. The vouchers are sent by email. The vouchers are personal and may not be passed to others.
A voucher is valid until the campaign ends. If an end date is not set, the voucher is valid for 60 days.


If you wish to return an order, where a voucher discount is used, the voucher discount is not refunded to you. For example, if you shop for 70 € and use a voucher with a 10 € discount, your order total is 60 €. If you return this order, you will only be refunded 60 €. Thereto, you will not receive a new voucher to replace the voucher used in the refunded order.


The total amount of the voucher must be used at once. For example, if you have a voucher with the value of 100 €, and your order totals 90 €, the remaining amount will be lost.

If you are having trouble redeeming a voucher, please contact our customer service.


Gift cards

It is not possible to purchase or use gift cards online - yet. We are working on finding a solution as soon as possible.