You have accepted to be a member of mbyM’s customer club and that mbyM’s sales channels can use your information for marketing purposes. This include offers, invitations, news etc. consisting of e-mails, text messages, letters etc. It is your own responsibility to update your personal information. You can contact us at to change or delete your information. Personal information is saved in the mbyM customer database which is owned by MESSAGE A/S. This information will at any time be handled in accordance to the law of personal data. The mbyM customer club membership is free and non-binding.


Additionally, you agree that mbyM may upload your email address to advertising tools through Facebook and Google. 
This makes it possible to show you targeted banner ads on Facebook and websites associated with Google’s network. Your email address will not be used by others or for any other purpose, and it will be changed into an anonymous email address.



§ 1 General

These conditions cover all websites, sales channels and every customer club that is owned and managed by mbyM. mbyM is obligated to protect your personal information online in accordance to the law of personal data. Changes in these conditions can be done regularly without further approval from you. Therefore remember to read the conditions regularly. Do you have questions concerning your personal information please contact


§ 2 Transmission of information

mbyM can, according to strict rules about confidence and limitations of the use, pass on your information to mbyM’s business partners who provides services on behalf of mbyM and who needs to process these personal information to be able to deliver such services. When you use mbyM’s services you accept that your personal information is passed on to mbyM’s business partners. mbyM will not pass on your personal information to a third party without your definite approval. Under certain circumstances it might be necessary, in accordance with the law, to pass on information to the judicial authority.


§ 2.1 Cookies from our business partners

mbyM collects information from our customers to optimize the target of advertisements and offers to the individual customer. This information about our customers will not be used to identify you as a customer, but is only used to improve the website. Information which is collected through cookies will not be saved together with our customers’ private information or previous order details. They will only be used to target advertisement, offers and services, which are adjusted to the need of the individual customer. Our goal is to give you a shopping experience, in which the products is adapted to your taste and preferences.


§ 3 Collected information


§ 3.1 Personal  information

Your information can be used by mbyM’s sales channels to marketing purposes like offers, invitations, news etc. via e-mails, text messages, letters etc. It is your own responsibility to update your personal information and you can, at any times, contact us at to change/delete your information. If you have profile you can log on to your profile via mbyM’s website to change/delete your information. Your information will be saved in mbyM’s customer database, which is owned by MESSAGE A/S – EAN-number: DK-10089859 – that have property right and the right of use to the registered information. The customer database is managed daily by The Loyalty Bureau ApS, Aarhus, which is mbyM’s business partner regarding mbyM’s loyalty programme.


§ 3.2 Generic information

mbyM will from time to time collect information from you, which do not expose your identity (e.g. age average or to geographic distribution of the customer database). mbyM use this information to editorial purposes and occasionally for other internal purposes.

Such information is used collectively by mbyM and is thereby not attached to a certain name, a certain address or other personal information but contributes to collect general knowledge about the target group.


§ 3.3 Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data

mbyM will, at any times, handle your personal information in accordance with the law of personal data.